What Makes Prime Clinic Stand Out

Prime Clinic comes to you. We offer in-home service for your convenience. We are passionate about helping families that are struggling with transitioning in a foster child. We will focus on core psychological struggles and help you understand your child’s mental health and state. Prime Clinic will help you and the child with anything that is causing friction. Will find the root of the problem and address any stress, resentment, anger, and sadness that you or the child may be facing. We will address the past and help you with any underlying beliefs or habits that are causing conflict with the children. Prime Clinic works with children to help them open up, trust, and love again.

The Bakers

“We were having trouble bringing our foster child around after dinner. Our child would spend all her time in her room and be afraid to come out, sometimes skipping meals. With the help of Linda, our child warmed up to us and now feels more comfortable coming around. We learned to be more patient and techniques for building a positive relationship.”

The Cohens

“Linda and her team are amazing. Our foster child was very violent and would constantly find objects to break. We had done a lot of research but it wasn’t until we called Prime Clinic to visit out home until we saw a difference. Linda came herself with Carl and they helped give us a new perspective on the child’s past and how to communicate with our child.”

The Garcias

“Our home had a lot of tension when our new child came in. With the help of Ryan we got to see a different side to our foster child, Channing. She is much more open with her feelings and does not stay out late without permission. Channing is performing much better in school and her teacher’s say she is active in class. We are very happy to see Ryan each week for our sessions. I can’t imagine never calling Prime Clinic.”

The Petrovs

“After a very emotionally draining week, we decided we needed help from professional. We found My Prime Clinic and spoke to very friendly people over the phone. We have been using My Prime Clinic for over three years now. They came to the house and helped us gradually obtain a more understanding and peaceful home. We are more than satisfied with the work of Sierra.”

Preparing Your Home for a New Child

Bringing your new child home can be nerve-wrecking experience. As parents, we all want our child to feel at ease about their new home. Click the button below to learn tips and tricks to have a welcoming experience for you child.

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