My Employees

Ph.D, Samantha Smith


Samantha grew up in the foster care system and has dedicated her life to helping those struggling as she once did. She aims to provide a promising future to all the bright children that are in foster care.

Ph.D, Carlton Washington


Carlton comes from a family of service. He is the son of a nurse and police officer in NY. Now passed, they instilled Carlton with a core of servitude to those in need. Carlton has practiced for 10 years now.

Ph.D, Ryan Martinez

Ryan emphasizes in holistic care for the soul. He grew up in a hospital and decided he would never take medication again. Offering wholesome remedies and mental health support, Ryan loved to help others. He is a big book enthusiast and you can catch him reading up on mental health and wellness.

Ph.D, Sierra Davis

Sierra is a mother and wife with a passion for making a difference. Her hispanic upbringing emphasized the importance of family and hopes to help families grow and be closer. She specializes in nurture theories and focuses on working with toddler fosters.

Catherine Layman

Customer Service

Our customer service representative is eager to help with any questions, issues or concerns in creating a meeting and agenda. She is the mother of four and loved to sing with her little ones.

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